SWITCH: 2018 Postcard Show & Fundraiser

Join us the weekend of September 21-23rd for the first annual SWITCH Postcard Show - the little show with a secret! At SWITCH, a variety of original, postcard-sized artworks on paper are displayed anonymously. The identity of the artist is only revealed after purchase (as the postcards are signed on the back only). Proceeds benefit the Bi Arts Festival, building community through a celebration of bisexual visibility in arts and culture. Viewing and first opportunity to purchase: Friday September 21st, Beaver Hall Gallery, 6-9pm.

Sample postcards


What is SWITCH?

SWITCH is an exhibition and sale of original postcard-sized works of art by emerging and established artists, and the occasional VIB (Very Important Bisexual). All artwork is exhibited anonymously and the name of the artist is only revealed after purchase. All proceeds help us pay filmmakers, artists and authors, rent accessible space for the Festival, and subsidize community art workshops.

I am not bisexual, can I participate?

Yes! We seek work by bisexual, pansexual & fluid artists, as well as our allies! If you support the work of the Festival we welcome you.

When is SWITCH?

Friday September 21, 2018, 6pm to 9pm (opening reception and first chance to purchase).

Saturday September 22, 2018, noon to 4pm (any remaining unsold works can be viewed and purchased).

Sunday September 23, 2018, noon to 6pm (pickup artwork).

Where does SWITCH take place?

Beaver Hall Gallery, 29 McCaul Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1V7 [map]

How does it all work?

Postcards will be numbered. When you see the postcard(s) you MUST have, take down the number and go to the cashier's desk (next to the bar). Items that are sold will have a small red dot next to them. You may wish to jot down a few numbers so that you won't be disappointed if someone ahead of you in line snaps up the postcard you wanted.

How much does a postcard cost?

Each postcard is $40.

How do I pay?

CASH ONLY please. And thank you.

How do I collect my cards?

Come back to the gallery on Sunday September 23rd, between noon and 6pm. If you can't collect your cards for any reason, please let us know when you pay and we will mail the art to you (Canada Post registered mail delivery charges will apply).

Do any famous names create artworks?

Yes! But we can't tell you who!!

How do you know whose work is whose?

You don't. That's the fun of SWITCH. All work is displayed anonymously, however the artist's name is revealed after purchase.

How can I submit?

See instructions below.

Is the show juried?

No. We accept all works that meet the submission criteria and meet the deadline.

Do I sign the front of the artwork?

No. Works should be signed on the back only.

Is there an entry fee?


Will the artist learn who bought their artwork?


What happens to unsold artworks?

Artists can choose to either donate the work to the Festival or have work returned to them.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes. Please email

What is the Bi Arts Festival and how are the proceeds used?

The Bi Arts Festival is the world's largest celebration of bisexual art and culture. Our innovative programming allows the bisexual community and our allies to come together, to create, collaborate, and engage with new work. We prioritize and amplify the voices of artists on the margins.


1. Create a piece of original art. You can use a blank 4x6” (10.5x15cm) postcard or any 4x6” (10.5x15cm) heavyweight paper. Drawing, photography, painting, printmaking, collage, textiles, and mixed media are all welcome. Please note: Only ONE ENTRY per artist.

2. Sign and print your name on the BACK ONLY. If we might be confused, please indicate the top with a small arrow.

3. Complete and enclose the required submission forms [PDF]

4. Wrap with care and send your artwork to:

Catherine Jones
Bi Arts Festival / SWITCH
1488 Queen Street West
Box 90111
Toronto, ON, Canada
M6K 3M4

POSTMARK DEADLINE September 1, 2018


The Festival reserves the right to omit any submissions that do not meet our specifications.