celebrating bisexual lives & culture
september 22-24, 2017 - toronto, canada

Film & Video Shorts Showcase.
Independent - Experimental - Bisexual
Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Avenue, 7PM-10PM

Please join us in creating a scent-free environment for this and all Bi Arts Festival events. Check out Peggy Munson on being fragrance-free & Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha on how to achieve this and why it matters. The venue is accessible to those in wheelchairs via a concrete entrance ramp at the front; and restrooms are also accessible. Join our Facebook community here; advance tickets available here.

A co-presentation of the Bi Arts Festival with the Toronto Bisexual Network.

The event is PWYC ($5 - $10 - $15 - $20 suggested, but nobody turned away). This is a licensed event, with cash bar.


No Homo, No Hetero: Sexual Fluidity and Manhood in Black America (Short Version)
H. Sharif "Herukhuti" Williams and David J. Cork, United States, 2017, 10 minutes, English. The complexities, challenges, and beauty of being Black, bisexual and male in the United States, as well as the politics of living and loving authentically at the intersection of racism, biphobia, and toxic masculinity are explored in this work in progress.

way home
Lynx Sainte-Marie, Canada, 2017, 7 minutes, English. An atmospheric visual and auditory landscape of poetry woven from love, pain and longing. The artist shares tender memories of play, grief, abandonment, and resilience as well as the various other dissonant emotions the concept of home can invoke for Black folks in the diaspora.

ID#1: Writer  
Emilia Ondriašová and Adriana Pirošková, Slovakia, 2016, 4 minutes, Slovak with English subtitles.  A bisexual woman, a successful writer, moves from one city to another. She has experienced not only fame, but also the emptiness of air-conditioned rooms where the windows just never open.

Lunar Schism
JL Whitecrow, Canada, 2017, 8 minutes. Lunar Schism is a visual lament to the end of childhood and to the journey of becoming gendered, it creatively explores Western and Anishinaabeg cultural views of femme identity. Noun is an alien youth that is wounded by the lunar schism and searches to find closure in their undesired transformation of becoming an Anima (hyper-feminine being).


Raishma Tigress, Canada, 2017, 4 minutes. No dialogue.  Sizzling experimental softcore set to a dubstep tune, in the lush backdrop of a Toronto park.

Misadventures of Pussy Boy: An Animated Trilogy
Alec Butler, Canada, 2000-2003, 20 minutes, English.  When 2spirit tweensy Alick falls for femme highschool siren K, they are a hot mess in a cold snowbank.

Catherine Jones, Canada, 2017,  2 minutes, English.  Survival takes the form of an obsession with the neighbour’s horses and last year’s Christmas present of a model airplane kit.

I Want to Kill Myself
Vivek Shraya, Canada, 2017, 9 minutes, English.  An autobiographical meditation on the artist’s relationship to suicide.

#StillBisexual: Robert Lawrence
Robert Lawrence & Nicole Kristal, United States, 2015, 3 minutes, English.  Robert comes from a long lineage of bisexuals.  

Seeking: Mirror
Emma Hathaway, United States, 2017, 8 minutes, English. Sometimes it’s hard to shake off the feeling of being devalued and ‘less than’ when bi-erasure and biphobia run rampant in popular culture.

Melanie Murphy, Ireland, 2016, 4 minutes, English. Hetero- and homo-normativities are rejected in this celebration of femme-bisexuality.

In the time of the Condors / En los Tiempos de los Condores
Lissette Erika Perez, Canada, 2016, 4 minutes. Spanish (English subtitles). Two Quechua fighters/lovers under the command of Bartolina Sisa are taking a break from the 1781 siege in La Paz, Bolivia and reminiscing about why they are fighting. They dream of protecting their families in an age when the Spaniards and the church continue their attempts to colonize the Andes.