celebrating bisexual lives & culture
september 22-24, 2017 - toronto, canada

D-Beatstro, 1292 Bloor Street West, 7PM-11PM

Please join us in creating a scent-free environment for this and all Bi Arts Festival events. Check out Peggy Munson on being fragrance-free & Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha on how to achieve this and why it matters. The entrance and bathroom are wheelchair accessible.

CRUSH is a special publication of the Bi Arts Festival, featuring writing and art by bisexual, pansexual, and fluid creators. Edited by Kat Pruss.

Pick up a copy at D-Beatstro or at select bookstores. Facebook RSVP to our launch on Sept 22nd here.

With the B in LGBT having been substituted with Babadook/Beer/Bronies, with whispers that we don’t exist and naggings to “pick a side already”, there remains a resonation of a real need for those who identify with the Bisexual community to speak up, to stand our ground and to remind a seemingly large number of why there’s a B in the first place.

Fuck Your Biphobia

Alex Fronckiewicz - Fuck Your Biphobia

CRUSH is the result of collected works from across Canada that speak to the Bi experience. Essays explore bi erasure, biphobia, bi antagonism, the experience of coming out, navigating the current cultural and social environments, as well as reflecting on how far we’ve come. The poetry, photography and artwork speak to one another and create venues for conversation and a safe space for the vulnerable and bare-all.


Susan Clarahan - Flowering Honey

This collection has blossomed from a need to create a space for a specific voice/attitude/expression of sexuality. By naming it, we own it. We’ve called it.  CRUSH is a platform of celebration, of pronouncement, of articulation.