celebrating bisexual lives & culture
september 22-24, 2017 - toronto, canada

SEPTEMBER 2nd-30th, 2017
A Showcase of Art & Photography by Bi+ Artists
D-Beatstro, 1292 Bloor Street West

Please join us in creating a scent-free environment for this and all Bi Arts Festival events. Check out Peggy Munson on being fragrance-free & Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha on how to achieve this and why it matters. The front entrance and bathroom are wheelchair accessible.

Adriane Hunter

Identifying as bisexual and poly, Adriane takes inspiration from her relationships to form her art. Her current projects include the pieces you will see at D-Beatstro, plus a number of unconventional cross-stitch projects (Slut, Slut is a social construct, Black Lives Matter), and a rainbow blanket (knitted).

Cross-stitch that reads Your mom will never like me

Despite years of crafting (scrapbooking, card marking, and knitting in particular), Adriane Hunter has never displayed her art publicly and considers herself a newbie. Learning cross-stitch over the last year has been an eye opening and engaging process, allowing her to journal through art.

She can be found on Instagram at @adrianehunter. More from the artist about this series.

Caitlynn Fairbarns

Caitlynn Fairbarns is an emerging multimedia artist, writer and curator currently residing in Toronto who completed her undergraduate degree at OCAD University in 2015. Her work explores gender, pop culture, and queerness. Caitlynn is interested in experimenting the ways in which art can be used to amplify voices and perspectives.

Femme Gaze by Caitlynn Fairbarns

"Using historical imagery and black and white photographs, the series Femme Gaze looks at femininity and the gaze in retro pornography." More from the artist about this series.

Yahn Nemirovsky

Yahn Nemirovsky is a pansexual identified genderqueer artist who grew up not knowing that they were trans. Their work acts as a personal means of mapping body, gender, as well as romantic and sexual connection through relationships.

Art by Yahn Nemirovsky

Yahn's work was recently featured in Issue 02: Lovesick of the Toronto publication, Feels Zine -- a feminist compilation of illustrations, poetry, articles and photography celebrating and discussing feelings, vulnerability, and self care. 

This September, Yahn is to begin their fourth year of studies at OCAD University, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Material Art & Design: Textiles. This year will be in preparation for their final thesis project, for which they plan to create a large body of experimental craft and fine art work dealing with themes related to queering the craft maker's practices, comparing the processes of making and embellishing textile pieces to the making and expression of a body and queer identity. More from the artist.

Alyssa Pisciotto

Screenprint by Alyssa Pisciotto

Alyssa Pisciotto is an abstract artist from LaSalle, Ontario, who currently resides in Toronto. She graduated from OCAD University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Drawing and Painting and minoring in Printmaking. She investigates themes of taste and personality through her use of textile and patterning. More from the artist.

Jo Yetter

Linocut by Jo Yetter

Jo Yetter is a Toronto-based artist focusing on space, interpersonal relationships, identity and growth through printmaking, book arts and installation.  Jo exhibits in Toronto and internationally and tables at book and zine fairs.  Jo graduated from the printmaking program at OCAD U as winner of the Printmaking Medal 2016. More from the artist.

Lindsay Baker

Lindsay Baker is a conceptual visual artist based in mixed media with a focus in fibre. Originally from Halifax, Lindsay completed her BFA in Calgary, and is currently based in Toronto studying Fashion Design at Ryerson University. Her art practice is based on diverse social issues with a current focus on women’s bodies, sexuality and our culture surrounding that.

Fibre art by Lindsay Baker

Her spare time is invested at trauma counselling centres; as well as online she continues to bring awareness on issues surrounding sexual assault. Through her fashion design practice Coeur de Coquette, she has worked on events such as Mercedes Benz Start Up, ZooGALA and MDPG Gala. More from the artist.

Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph, completing her final year in the specialized studio program.

Samantha Jones

Working out of her home in the GTA, her work has been exhibited in Aurora, Guelph, Orillia, and Toronto. She is due to be part of the fellowship program at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre starting this September.

"The Body in Malaise is an ongoing series [that] expresses a fascination with the entangled mass of bodily components essential to one’s survival; the brain, the spine, the organs, etc."  More from the artist about this series.

Kelby Cottenie

Art by Kelbie Cottenie

Kelby Cottenie came to Toronto about a year ago from Saskatchewan, and continues to fervently doodle at every opportunity that isn’t spent petting cats. He has been previously featured in zines such as the Saskatchewan-based “-ISMS” and “Road Maps and Life Rafts.” He hopes that this work is a step to being more confident in his identity as a bi-ace. More from the artist.

Ly Berry

Ly Berry is a developing artist and maker living in Toronto. They have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Women & Gender Studies and are blessed with an office administration day job at a non-profit.

Collage by Ly Berry

They recently tabled their first small zine of collages at Toronto Art Book Fair with the ZIPE collective. Their collage work focuses on dreams, memory, grief, trauma, queer sexuality, and childhood. Find them on Instagram @wyominnng. More from the artist.

Birdie Weiss

Cross Stitch by Birdie Weiss

Birdie Weiss is a dorky disabled queer with no gender and a lot of craft skills. More from the artist.