Saturday September 21, 2019
the 519, Ballroom

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Alyssa Pisciotto

Alyssa Pisciotto is a queer painter and printmaker from LaSalle Ontario now residing in Toronto. While her primary practice revolves around painting, she enjoys making small wearable accessories as a hobby. The creation of these accessories is an outlet for life’s stressors and as a way of working through artist block.


Apple of my Odd Eye

Kitlyn (Sarah Yvonne) Varnam is a queer and disabled Toronto writer, artist, and editor. Their work largely focuses on exploring gender, sexuality, and neurodivergency.


Ariane Julien

Ariane Julien is a queer Toronto based jeweller and metalsmith. She creates handcrafted sterling silver pieces drawing inspiration from gothic wrought iron work.


Beit Ahtay

Beit Ahtay offers you a taste of Morocco and Spain via travel experiences and unique artwork and handmade products. And a little bit about myself...I am a nomadic artist who creates art and films wherever I happen to be. My work right now is inspired by the research I have done into my family's history. Looking for the truth behind the colonization and oppression.


Bi Fusion Arts

As a young, Black Biracial Bisexual Woman with Type II Bipolar Disorder from Toronto. I often joke with my friends that I am the “Bi-fecta” of intersections. I take my experiences from my intersectionality and I work to build awareness and offer education in different communities, especially in the LGBTQ+ Community, in order to make safer spaces for others. My art is a reflection of my intersections connecting and creating space for myself.


Ceephor Studios

Me? I am a bisexual genderfluid demisexual artist; and quite the queerdo. Much of my work now is original art, designs, and now stories as I work my way into the zine scene. If it isn't that, it is probably dungeons and dragons, which includes my artwork and time put into a new project I am lucky enough to be a part of, 'Quests and Queers' a live dungeon and dragons twitch stream with focus on lgbt++ players and characters. Whatever my next pursuit is, it will be colorful, and gay.


Chained Creativity

I have been making handcrafted chainmaille jewelry and costume armor pieces for 11 years now. I enjoy working with my hands and creating new things.


Corvid Trinkets

My name is Erika and I'm the bisexual disabled woman behind Corvid Trinkets. I'm a brand new company who just wants to help people find the perfect shiny things to wear! My pieces are all resin and all fun.


Dasilva Illustrations

Savannah Dasilva is a Toronto based artist currently studying Studio Art at York University. The themes she focuses on are of personal and mental health subjects. Savannah’s dream is to be an art therapist to be able to help those cope with their mental health and hopes that she is able to communicate deep emotions in her work. She also loves to experiment with a more simple and loose style. Savannah specializes in acrylic and oil paints, gouache, watercolour, ink and graphite.




Christine Demore is an artist & writer who uses acrylic pour painting as a way to explore vulnerability, identity, living with mental illness, and abuse recovery. She is a proud feminist, bisexual, and mental health & justice warrior. She resides in downtown Toronto with her partner and cat, living the urban life this small town girl always dreamed about. Instagram @demoredemerrier


Dirty Business Soaps

Dirty Business Soaps was my answer to a soul sucking job and society's need to have me conform. Dirty Business ~ Soaps and Oddities was the natural evolution where I'm able to express myself into all the things I do. For my soaps, I   strive to use only natural and organic products that are free of artificial scents, colours and ingredients. Also, I offer beeswax wraps made from organic cotton and all natural beeswax from my hives. I have a wide variety of prints from naughty to sci-fy! Finally, I like to put my hands on odd little pieces and re-purpose them. I often will have on display jewelry made from vintage clocks, necklaces cut from prospecting rulers, and recycled leather good rescued from a leather factory (all leather answers environmental guidelines!)



I am a queer racially mixed asian artist who lives in Toronto. I'm currently a university student but during my studies I'm also trying to participate in craft fairs to support my needs as a young artist. I make work that focuses on handmade quality and value of materials. I have a patreon page where I host a monthly handmade postcard club and I also produce handmade accessories, paintings and digital work.    



ENBY is North America's magazine made by and for non-binary people everywhere! We publish themed print issues three times a year, and pay all contributors. Our magazine intends to further non-binary representation in the media and build community in the process.


Emily Fay Fin

Emily Fay Fin is a Toronto based illustrator and writer. She enjoys personifying animals, sci-fi, and analogue printing. While working at a dog daycare, Emily is in her final year at OCAD University for illustration, printmaking, and creative writing.


Fake Adult Cards

My name is Karalee and I create greeting cards, paintings and a variety of other items (coasters, book marks, and notebooks) with funny donut puns all designed, drawn and painted by myself. Each card is cut, folded, designed, painted and packaged by hand. I take great care when creating my items to ensure that each one is created to the customer’s desire. I usually offer custom/ personalized orders which allows me to communicate one-on-one with each customer and together we can create exactly what they were imagining.  I began creating these puns as a gift for my partner. This sparked more ideas and thus Fake Adult Cards was born!




Fuzzwumpet offers handmade, beautifully designed self-care kits for anyone who gets anxious, triggered, or over stimulated while out and about. My products are designed based on my own experience with PTSD, anxiety and autism and informed by skills and strategies used in trauma therapy. 


Geek Pride Canada

Geeky Wares for Queers! Geek Pride Canada is the latest creative endeavour from Artisan Never Poplar. Combining their identities of both Queer and Geek, they have created a line of wares that express their love for all things nerdy. Items on offer include LGBTQ+ Pride jewelry, as well as geeky accessories and small housewares. 


Greatpatch & Bois

My partner and I have recently started a patch company, with plans to crowdfund the first batch of 5 embroidered designs this summer, and create the hand made ones over the same period, in time for early September. The Bi Art & Craft Fair would be the first time we are selling the patches in person. We plan to donate 50% of our profits to local LGBTQIA2S+ charities.


Highlyrated Creations

I'm a 25 self taught artist, my current obsession is with Resin but I am always learning something new. My mental health took a toll this year with my grandmother passing and I had to close my Etsy shop for a bit. Now I'm working on new inventory and hopefully expanding the places I sell.


Jasmine Noseworthy Persaud



Jasmine Noseworthy Persaud is a femme genderflux nonbinary and mixed race disabled autistiqueer artist. They draw tender and loving depictions of QTBIPOC. They write survival poetry about diaspora and depression, colonization and trauma, and resilience and healing. They are the creator of Pocket Friends – one-of-a-kind handmade ceramic brooches that offer the reminder that “You Always Have Love”. Visit their portfolio at




karmabeads is a labour of love for Laura Innis, a queer enby artist who handmakes one of a kind wearable works of art. Her work incorporates semi-precious gemstones, recycled glass and (her own) hand-twisted wire beads. One area of Laura’s designs emphasize colourways that represent the diversity of rainbow communities, with a particular focus on those who wish to wear colours that represent them, but in an understated way.

Kimberley Dewing


Kimberley Dewing is a Toronto-based artist, illustrator, and designer. Her passion is working in watercolour. Kimberley's greatest sources of inspiration are the sensual and utile qualities of the human form, the beauty and folk-lore of local plants species, and her experiences in the city as a queer woman.

Kris Lodu

Kris Lodu is a 20-year-old Bi-queer visual artist based in Toronto who works with acrylics, oil paints and digital art. Her art focuses on the human form in its many representations and explores themes of vulnerability, identity, gender, and sexuality as they relate to self-image. One of the main purposes of her art is to create a warm and inviting community where people can see themselves represented. “Comfortability” is an ongoing project that captures and appreciates the human form through the use of bold colours and minimalistic design. The pieces in this project explore the many ways that one can feel present in their body during intimate and vulnerable moments in their day to day life. The artist hopes to continue the series indefinitely in order to account for the ways that people’s bodies are in an ongoing process of change. Submissions of reference images are encouraged, as everyone is welcome to be a part of this project.




L'Amour-Propre makes minimalist queer and sex positive accessories and apparel. We make engraved key chains, pins, and jewelry, as well as leather and silicone accessories.






MAKE! SHIFT! LOVE! is a project and practice that centers the intertwined processes of making, shifting and loving as a queer, brown, Pinay femme immigrant through representational art and illustrations, comics, writings and zines that also revolve around reconciling childhood, untangling the roots of past woundings, navigating solitude and invisibility, and exploring and transforming the cusps between personal heritage and narrative reinvention.


Mailled With Love

Born out of a love of fandom but wanting to express it in a unique and sophisticated way. Mailled With Love: chainmaille jewelry with a nerdy twist!


Monster Cliche


Monster Cliche is the devil’s baby of staying up late watching anime and stumbling upon some questionable content. Created by a part-time witch, full-time disabled non-binary queer, Monster Cliche can be summed up as blunt, anime inspired, intersectional realness.

NSFW Embroidery

NSFW Embroidery makes queer, sex and body positive artwork by blending traditional hand embroidery techniques with erotic imagery to create unique hoop art, patches, canvases and pennants. Their work themes of identity and labels centers queer eroticism, pleasure and kink.


Natalie Very B.


Natalie Very a Polish-Canadian feminist illustrator witch.

Olivia's Atelier

Rook is an openly bisexual nerd that has been creating various geeky wares for themself and their friends for more than half their life. They've helped run competitions and crafting panels at local geek conventions in the GTA, as well as working as an ambassador in the Diversity Lounge at PAX South and East, helping to educate the masses on LGBT+ issues. Rook currently spends their free time playing video games, listening to podcasts, and managing their etsy shop where they sell geeky bags and LGBTQ+ flair.


Paula Pregent

Paula Pregent crochets stuff.


Pillow Talk


Pillow Talk features super comfy unique handmade pillows made from upcycled graphic tees and 100% recycled hypoallergenic stuffing that is manufactured in Toronto.


Raccoon City Knits

I am a librarian and indie yarn dyer. My yarns are dyed in my kitchen and each skein is one-of-a-kind. I've never been in a festival and would be so thrilled if this was my first one. As a queer librarian, I support my community through programming and exhibits at the Toronto Reference Library


Robin Yukiko

Robin Yukiko is a singer/songwriter and has been nurturing a passion for art for years. This June she had a rush of inspiration as a bisexual and non-binary artist and found a way to combine Pride with her love of nature and creative expression.


Soulfire Sessions

Jess is a Toronto-based witch, Tarot reader and clairvoyant. She's the creator of Soulfire Sessions, a line of home and body care products. From hand-poured soy candles and teas to herbal tinctures and essential oil blends, her creations help bring folks back to their bodies so that they can experience self-love, compassion for self and friendship with their bodies. Her products and services support her clients in connecting with their peace, purpose and personal power.


The More or Less Press

The More or Less Press was born out of the small Toronto living room of Leah Benetti and Heather Robertson, two printmaking word enthusiasts who wanted to disseminate books and art for the heart. Both Robertson and Benetti have spontaneous practices they bring to the More or Less Press, in forms of live screenprinting, button making and custom, on-demand poetry for curiosity seekers.

Thready To Go

Thready To Go is dedicated to showing pride! Everything is made from hand embroidery from the patches to home decor. The goal is to try and find new and interesting ways for people to explore and show their pride. This has been a project two years into development and I hope to see it grow further in the next two, for now patches have touched every corner of the globe, but I love being and selling to the community in Toronto.


Valkyrie Bone Crafts

Valkyrie Bone Crafts creates and sells unique pieces of found object art made from bone, plant matter, and reclaimed glass, just to name a few. All objects are responsibly sourced by the artist. Valkyrie grew out of the artists love for zoology, and a desire to showcase the natural beauty of the world with others.



Adriana Rolston is a Toronto-based mixed media artist. Her art is rooted in intersectional feminism and explores themes of bisexuality, sex-positivity and body-positivity. She specializes in abstract vulva portraits using paper mache and a variety of mixed media. She uses the vulva as a platform to celebrate bisexual identity while exposing the beauty and importance of vulvas as powerful forces of nature in our culture.

Witch vs Bitch

My name is Leia and I am Witch vs Bitch. This art is for anyone who's been at war with themselves. These handmade busts have been made with affectionate while wrestling with radical self love, body positivity and mental health. Hopefully these badass babes will spark joy.

With Love Compassion Cards

I have lived experience with mental health issues and March 2016 was a challenging time for me. One day, I sat down with some art supplies and a determination to make something beautiful. What resulted was three mental health compassion cards, which I handed out to strangers.  Seeing the way my cards touched others planted a seed that has grown into a deep love of art and an enthusiasm for spreading compassion. All of my cards are inspired by my own experiences or the experiences of the people I love most.

Yas Petit Poulet

Belgian-Lebanese queer artist based in Toronto who works on gender identity and mental health.